May 27, 2017

Mixing Examples

Here are some examples of what a Songwriter Vault Mix can do to bring your sound to the next level!!

Music we mixed for clients like you: (Before & After we mixed it)

Take a listen! It goes from good to radio ready here. (We make your voice sound like the SongwriterVault instrumentals you love!)

FIRST MIX FOR FREE! We are so confident in our mix we want to show you what we can do to your song by offering you your first mix now. There is no more going to the studio. Record at home and have us mix it!

If you would like us to mix your song, send $45 to and email your stems using ( to

Song 1 Full Song Mix



Song 2 Vocal Mix (USB Mic)



Select “Vocal Mix” Below to complete payment (for a WAV instrumental and your Vocal file) – Basic Mix
Select “Full Song Mix” Below to complete payment (for all your tracked out stems and Vocal files) – Professional Mix


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