April 26, 2017


We asked a few Songwriter Vault members to tell us what they think of The Vault:

“There is a fire in my heart right now, after hearing the music I just want to get to writing my songs.” – Vault Gold Member

“It’s rare to find producers with such consistency!” – Vault Diamond Member

“They revolutionize the way labels and artists are creating records.  I can write my songs and even purchase the Exclusive Rights if I want.  I haven’t seen anything this innovative in a long time.  Thank you for all you do.” – Vault Diamond Member

“This site is a game-changer!” – Vault Silver Member

“All the music I need to create great records all year!!!!!!!!!” – Vault Silver Member

“I can’t believe the quality and quantity that they put out each month.  It’s astonishing!” – Vault Diamond Member

“I loved how simple it was to sign up, I became a member and I instantly had access to all the music I needed.” – Vault Platinum Member

“The Songwriter Vault is quick, fast, and simple to sign up for and the best part is I can get to writing my song NOW instead of waiting or having to figure out complicated production stuff.  I have never written so much music in my life.” – Vault Silver Member


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