How do I sign up and download my music?

Songwriter Vault is a subscription based site.  To sign up click the “Become a Member” button and choose a membership level.   Our most popular membership is Diamond. Our most value based membership is Unlimited.

When you become a member you are granted access to licenses and downloads of the music (High Quality WAV files and Trackouts(Stems) )

Your level of membership gives you different amounts of downloads of the music.

Silver level is for 5 Licenses and WAV downloads

Gold level is for 10 Licenses and WAV downloads

Platinum level is for 20 Licenses and WAV downloads with 1 Trackout (Stems)

Diamond level is for 50 Licenses and WAV downloads with 5 Trackouts (Stems)

The Artist level is for 50 Licenses and WAV downloads with 5 Trackouts (Stems) and we book you one show a month and your music will be featured on Spotify.

Remember you keep your Licenses even if you cancel your membership!

What does our license provide?

  • Unlimited use in mixtapes, albums, radio play, performances, videos & promotion.
  • Free Downloads (Your high quality .wav file)
  • Distribute up to 15,000 copies
  • 500,000 audio streams
  • 500,000 video streams
  • YouTube and Soundcloud Monetization

If your song exceeds 500,000 Streams or Views, you will have to talk directly with the producer to discuss a different method of payment (exclusive rights or another agreement.)


How can I purchase exclusive rights?

Contact the producer directly and you can work out your own agreement:

  • Email (fastest/preferred method)


  • Call The Studio (615) 988-9800 or (310) 263-8222
  • Text us at 615 784-5670
  • Ask our Sales Team with our Chat on Our Main Page
  • Use our Exclusive Rights Form at the top of the main page to make an offer

Please include: your name, way to contact you, Song you are interested in, and other music you have sang on before.

How to get my Song Critiqued?

Platinum, Diamond and Unlimited members now have access to having one song critiqued each month. (Unlimited receives 6/mo)

Our Team will listen to your finished song and respond to you with their professional opinion within 48 hours with a video response that will bring your music to the next level.

*Only Platinum, Diamond and Unlimited members see the tab at the top that says “Submit Your Song”

What is a Trackout?

A Trackout includes every single individual sound in an instrumental as

its own separate file.  You receive a .zip file that has each instrument’s

recording so you can have better control of your final mix.  If our song

has a guitar, piano, kick drum, snare drum, hi-hat, strings, and bass, then

you would receive individual recordings of each instrument in your

Trackout.  You would have 7 different audio files, all of the same length

and each include their perspective sound.

The Trackout is used so your final song can sound it’s best.  If you

wanted to remove one instrument from your final song you can with

Trackouts.  If you wanted to change the volume of one of the instruments

or remove one you could.  Mainly it is so your song will be able to be mixed

properly.  You place each file in an individual track in your DAW and  then you

can mix your song and have it sounding professional.

Is a Trackout necessary?

The best way to have a professional sounding mix is to use track outs.  They are

used in a professional setting when recording.  It is important for the engineer

to have control over every detail of the instrumental.  When your mixing your

song you may need to turn down a guitar 2db, or even EQ the bass in your song

so it is best to have a trackout.  If you are having trouble mixing your song our

engineers at Songwriter Vault can mix it for you.

How do I record vocals to the beat I bought from you?

We can offer a class by Skype to help you to set up a studio to record your vocals.  We are working on some tutorials that eventually you can watch in the near future.

You need:

  • A Computer
  • A DAW(Garage Band, ProTools, Audacity)
  • A USB Microphone, or Audio Interface with a traditional mic.

That’s it!  You don’t need expensive $10,000 mic’s or $5,000 computers.  Just the computer you have,  a DAW like Garage Band and buy a inexpensive USB mic. (Mac Computers come with Garageband already installed)

We are here to help you complete your song.  After you download your instrumental and you have recorded your vocals you can take a class from us on how to make the vocals sit in the mix or just have us mix it.

We look at members of the Vault as being part of our team.  We believe in you and really think if you work hard enough you can write a hit song.

Now get out there and start recording!

-SongwriterVault Producer

When is new music released in The Vault?

  • We are working night and day to provide you with the best music for your projects!
  • New music is released all week from our producers.

I see a lot of music on the internet what makes this different?

  • All of our producers have had success with music! The producers here care about how it sounds and know how to create something that people will listen to. When we create the music, we have the songwriter in mind. We spend thousands of man hours to ensure you have radio ready music.
  • We are making the music the way it was meant to be made – with our hands!
  • Just listen to the listen tab and you can hear it for yourself!

I’m with the Media and how would we interview you?

  • Please email

Can The Vault help artists push their songs?

Yes, we offer management and promotion and a list of other things please contact us.


Is it possible to have custom music created?

  • Custom music is available from our producers. Please email us with your idea and details on what you would like, we will respond with more information.
  • We will work with you in any and every way to make your song great. (instrumentation, lyrics, mix, master)
  • This is the fastest way to make your Vault song a hit.

What do you use?

Our minds! Live instruments, and Hard Work and Time.  Doing what we love everyday is what keeps us going.  We work around the clock to make the instrumentals.

What genres of music do you make?

Anything and everything! Here are just some of the styles of music you will hear from our producers:
Modern Pop
Country & Modern Country
* R&B
* Acoustic
* Hip Hop
* Reggae
* Alternative Based Genres 

Can I upgrade to a new membership level?

You can always upgrade!

Keep in mind that you will be charged the full price of the new membership and your monthly recharge date for your downloads is reset.  Be sure to download all of your files before you upgrade.

How do I cancel my SongWriterVault Membership?

We’re sorry to see you go, however, to cancel simply click here.



Emailing us does not guarantee your membership will be cancelled so please cancel above.  Due to the high volume of emails, we are unable to respond to everyone.

How long does my Membership last?

Each Membership allows downloads as long as it is still active. As soon as you cancel your Membership you no longer have the ability to
downlaod. Please use all your downloads before cancelling.

What if I Only Want to Download One Song?

To download just one song.  We recommend getting a Silver Membership downloading your song and then canceling your membership.

How many Memberships can I have?

You can have an unlimited number of memberships as long as your login to our site has a unique username and email.  You can use the same Paypal email for each Membership.

Terms and Conditions

No refunds or returns for digital products.  All Recurring Memberships must be cancelled prior to renewal period or you will be billed and receive another month of downloads.  Digital Products and goods are not able to be returned and are considered delivered with access resulting from an active membership.

If you need to cancel your membership, please cancel your membership within your profile from You can also find “How do I cancel my SongWriterVault Membership?” on the FAQ page above. Due to a high volume of emails, we are unable to respond to all emails.  Emailing a request does not guarantee your membership will be cancelled.